Press Start.

Its only one day to Raya and i am starting my holidays. I am on half-day leave today and will continue until next Wednesday.

Tomorrow i will be driving to Kota Bharu with my 2 brothers. Its a second time we celebrate Raya without papa,mama and Akila. Hope it will still turn OK. I would not want to get into that emotional moments, especially when there are many people around. It was not so bad at all, just that its just more comfortable knowing that they are within your sight. Thank God there are telephones and internet. At least nowadays we can keep in touch better.

Anyway, yes, i have switched my blog to WordPress. I have been eyeing it since last year, but only yesterday i decided to go on with it. Maybe its time to portray a much more grown-up side of me. I find wordpress more matured in terms of its content and functionality. And it provides some cool snapshots on your links. There are still some customization that needs to be done, which i think can be done later. Guess i also have to change my writing habits too, coz i rarely find time to do so these  days.I will be moving out again after Raya, into a better house with all our family props. Maybe then i will get an Internet connection which hopefully will enable me to write anytime i wanted to.

Oh yeah, Dr Sheikh is finally safe on space now. He is cute isnt he? I dont mind people saying that he is gay, but he really got the package. Emry was telling me that the govt just wanted to prove that Msians are good looking that is why they sent him. I think he is just jealous. Haha ( jangan marah awk). Whatever people say,i am still proud of him. We can now stand a lil bit more taller than before.

I do not understand why some people say that he is just a tourist, a passenger and there is nothing much to be proud of. I mean, come on, its not like everyday you get to fly to space. Its not like everyday,Malaysians get to fly to space. Whatever it is, he is now up there. I think he deserves the credits and support. And not to forget Kapten Faiz too, who nevertheless made us proud as well. I think those who say that are just jealous too.

So Syabas to Dr Sheikh and Kapten Faiz. Semoga selamat kembali Dr Sheikh, and semoga you get the chance to go next Kapten Faiz.

Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin to all.


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