Salam Aidilfitri again. I am still in kampung, blogging from my uncle’s house now. Today was the first day of raya and it was hectic as usual. Woke up in the morning and helped out my grandma with the housekeeping, and go beraya at the neighbours ; which happens to be relatives as well. Since my parents are both Kelantanese, so i had to juggle and manage time for visit to both sides of the family. So far we are OK, except for the fact that sometimes we tend to miss out some relatives because we need to give priority to another.

Journey to KB from Kuantan was nice. We took the coastal road, and Terengganu was superb. The landscapes of the beaches, the sea. Subhanallah. Beautiful. It just so happened that the sky was so blue, it made the sea sparkle. So eventhough it was a long ride, we had fun. Thank God there was no traffic jam at all. Only many cars travelling to Kelantan as well. I also noticed that Kuala Terengganu has changed a lot, and i cant forget the sight of the Crystal Mosque. Apparently the state is striving to establish a Hadhari concept, which i think is great. Passed my high school in Dungun, and i felt a surge of memories when i was around the town. I really need to revisit Terengganu again. After all, i spend most of my teenage life there.

By the way, Diyana, if you are reading, i know i have been tagged. I want continue tagging, but dont worry gurl i’ll do it later. Heheh.


7 thoughts on “Beraya..

  1. LaiLy

    hey babe, nice new home 😀 selamat hari raya, sorry zahir batin. i know how it feels to raya without your parents, all i could say is, hang in there and you’re doing a wonderful job being a surrogate parent to your two brothers. do take care, and i’m missing u. loads!

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