Black Eyed Peas-ed weekend.

A lot of things happened last weekend, which was a blast. Even now in the middle of the week, i am still feeling the exhaustion. Maybe its because it has been a while since i really enjoyed myself. Eheh.

I was up in Genting Highlands last Friday and Saturday, for what else than the Black Eyed Peas concert. They are one of my favorite performers, and of course it was worth every cent i spent. Went with Dhuha my housemate and Diyana. 3 chicks runnnig up the mountain, amidst drizzle and the night. We reached Genting just when the show was about to start,as because earlier we were working. I was the driver and so far the drive was the most challenging of all. Guess the motivation was so strong there eyh.

Besides the energetic performance from the BEP (it lasted like 3 hours), the luck is what i enjoy the most. We spent RM102 which was the cheapest ticket, but we ended up sitting at the RM300+ row. How cool was that. I mean, i am not always that lucky. Thats why i write about it. I got a very clear view of Taboo especially,and he was OH-SO-CUTE!! I cant help myself screaming his name over and over again. Of course he did not hear me, but its good to let it go.

All in all the concert was really fun. All 3 of us lose our voice right after, due to the screaming and sing alongs. Oh and did i mention i was actually having gastric. Ah, i myself cant also explain how did i endure it throughout the concert…

We left Genting the next day, which was Saturday. After the rides and fun at the Outdoor park we straightaway head for the Flea Market at The Curve. Did a lot of unplanned shopping ( yeah, there are a lot of temptations when you go there) and finally reached my home in Ampang at 1am. That’s about it. A really full, tiring but fun Saturday.

Then, the packing began. Thanks to Dhuha and Diyana, we managed to complete most of the packing by that Sunday. There are only some more left, which i think i can finish it by this weekend. The movers will be coming over this Sunday to transport everything to Kuantan. It is surprising how much craps and things you find when you are packing. Finally we left KL around 7pm and it was a wrap.

That was pretty much what happened last weekend. One of the most eventful weekend of my life in Kuantan..~

And here is an early goodbye to the good ol’ KL. May one day i will get to feel living in a big city again.

p/s: Pics coming soon. Got to rush now!


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