An apology.

The clock is nearly 11pm. I am on duty tomorrow but I can’t bring myself to sleep yet.

I was on the phone with mama when I got back from office earlier this evening. She said she just contacted Tok Ayah and Tok Wan in kampong, just asking for how they are doing. And then suddenly it hit me.

Darn, I suck at keeping in touch.

Come to think of it, it is not that hard to grab that phone and make a call. But surprisingly I find it real hard to make it happen.Maybe its because part of my job is making calls to people everyday, it makes me wanna have a break out of it.

But then again that is not an excuse, eyh?

It is not like I do not remember people. Friends, families, acquaintances. Every now and then some people came to my mind, and I thought about how they are doing right about then.

My grandpa once said to me, “Ayuni ni tak pernah la nak telefon eh”.. Alamak. All I did was grin, and seriously did not know what to say. Nak je jawab, bukan tak ingat tok ayah, tapi tangan tu berat sangat nak talipon orang..eheh.

A good friend of mine always said I was sombong. Everytime he said so I will get upset, and then he knew that I hated it when he said so. Can’t blame him I guess, coz I have the tendency to drift away. But it’s not like I don’t remember him at all. Until today sometimes I wonder what is happening to him.

I wish that I could apologize to everyone for doing this. Maybe some people think that I do not remember them anymore.

But seriously, I do. It’s just that I am easily got tied up with the situation, and sometimes its just me feeling so darn lazy to make a call or drop an sms.

Or maybe, I should stop giving excuses.

Maybe now I should start to keep in touch better. I do not want to be sorry to someone someday, just because I did not keep in touch.

p/s: Papa always reminded me to remember people, because one day when you need them you know they will be there.


8 thoughts on “An apology.

  1. Hi, salam kenal, just hopping, I saw the Genting pics, it must be like here in Nor. Calif. US, the coastal mountains right next to the Pacific ocean makes misty weather and big redwood trees. I went to Cameron Highlands, but never been to Genting. 🙂

  2. kak yuni! dont worry it’s not just u! however, would be better we start realizing it now. Dont really matter if it is fren but families should always be #1 priority to keep in touch…

    btw, y moved?

  3. f00


    its love and passion.
    thats the reasons why you tends to keep in touch, because you care for others.

    me, im not that good in keeping in touch. because ive got a very little circle of people that i love. so its very rare for me to take a phone calls from friends that i dont know.

    eccentric, maybe.

    take care. im enjoying my stays here.

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