I miss my home.


Have been so occupied lately..

I am in KL now, actually since last 2 weeks. Have a training somewhere is Damansara Uptown and i have been bunking at Eastin hotel for 10 days. Somehow i am now tired of it, i miss my home in Kuantan. I miss my bedroom.

Speaking of which, i havent talked about the new crib havent i? Its now the second month of renting the new house, and so far, i have been happy with it. Locationwise, i’d say its convenient. Near to town, far from office but better so. It has access to mostly everything essential – petrol station, ATM, food, bank and hair saloon. Heheh. Basically it has 4 rooms, a wet and dry kitchen, and split levels at the living room. Rental is reasonable i guess, with Papa lending hand. Hopefully as my job grows i can afford it on my own someday (but then i think i will seriously consider buying a house by that time). After all it can also be considered a family home, since most of the furnitures are from our previous house in Putrajaya.

I just got Astro installed, so i cant wait to go back home and have rounds of movies on HBO and Star. Actually at first i thought i can live without it, but at some point, being a movie buff like me,i do not think i can survive it. Plus i do not want miss any interesting coverage on NatGeo.

Can’t wait to get home.

p/s: I have just joined Facebook. It’s awesome!! =) 


4 thoughts on “I miss my home.

  1. insan

    balik le….kat sini hujan je…silap ari bulan nak banjir..cuaca pun mendung..gelap sokmo…sejuk sekali…begitu syahdu…apa2 pun..23/12 paling best sekali….tungguuuu

  2. Im stuck in PJ since last week n yeahh i miss home too!! luckily i brought Uno along..
    Eastin mmg tak best dok lelame.. my last trip pon 13days kat situ.. boring…!!

    went to big apple again last nite.. hahahaha…
    patu ade hati nak pegi hiking Mount KK next May! Oasis jomm!

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