Of a cute taxi driver. Is it?

I am in KL. Again. Well in KLIA now, to be specific. I did not know KLIA have free WIFI until now. Sheesh.

I had training for another system to be used in the company. And it is a project which should finish by this year. Actually it is suppose to finish months ago, but due to some issues, somehow it got dragged until now. Hopefully I can finish it by end of this month. And hopefully it won’t affect my bonus. Eheh.

Anyway, I am leaving for Kuantan in 2 hours. Left office around 6pm and the cute taxi driver took me to KLIA in just half an hour. To my surprise there are a lot of people getting on flights today, I was curious I asked the ground crew. I thought it could be because of the flood season (LPT is closed because of it) so maybe that’s why people are taking airplanes.Rupa-rupanya orang semua nak balik kampung. I forgot its Friday today, coz usually I take weekday flights. It’s true “Now everyone can fly”.

Since I have checked in early today, now I have plenty of time to kill while I wait for the boarding time. And finally I have became an Enrich member. Today I have time to get the form and submit it. I think it could be useful, considering that I am quite a frequent flyer since I joined my current company. But only from Kuantan to KL and back, so far. Coz the company only has 2 offices. I am really a pemalas when it comes to driving, especially when it is just a short trip. Lain la kalau outstation sampai seminggu lebih kan?

Oh yes, another typical thing happened to me again when I was on my way to KLIA just now. Did I mention that the taxi driver was cute? OK anyway, here’s the thing,I come from a Kelantanese family. Expect the thick dialect when you catch me around family members, coz we do speak Kelantanese even if we are on the other side of the planet. However, I do not go around and telling people that I am a Kelantanese and I speak the dialect well, but somehow people always discover. Like this case today, just dan2 je, my uncle called. So it was me and the cab-driver only, so of course, he heard everything. When I ended the conversation, i could feel the driver’s urge to ask me, “Oo, awak orang Kelantan ye?” but to my surprise he did not do so. So I was like, “OK..Bagus jugak, tak payah aku jawab soalan banyak2”. Then…when we arrived, finally we spoke. When he handed me my change, suddenly he blurted out “ Oo, awak orang Kota Bharu ye?”. With a small laugh I said “ A’aa”…Then he went “ Isteri saya orang Kota Bharu jugak”..My respond “ Oo yeke…”.

I get this everytime. Most of the time when people discovered that I am a Kelantanese, they get excited. Sometimes it just so happened that they have a relation with another Kelantanese, or they are just taken aback that I can talk normal Bahasa Melayu without any hint of the Kelantan dialect  in my speech. Well, Kelantanese is scattered around Malaysia nowadays, you can find them anywhere. That’s why Kota Bharu is always jammed mengalahkan KL every Aidilfitri. Eventhough I grew up out of the state, I am proud to be one. And yes, you can call me Mek Kelate.

I was for sure thinking this when I responded to the cab-driver just now “Dang, your Kelantanese wife is damn lucky getting a cute and nice husband like you”. =P


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