Raya lagi.

Last Tuesday my boss called me to his office and asked me about my claim form for my travel last week. He asked me did it really costs rm70 for the cab from our Subang Jaya office to KLIA. With an innocent look i said yes. And there was his smile, a sign that i have been “ketok” by the cab driver. The cute one.

Hampeh betul.

Yesterday i made my way to kampung on my own. I took the coastal road which passes a few towns in Terengganu. The supposed to be 4-5 hour journey ended up 10 hours. Thanks to all the people who decided to use the coastal road as well. Yes it was Raya eve, but i expected a lighter traffic during raya haji. Apparently not. It was so frustrating and damn tiring. Dah la sorang2. Aiyoh. Maybe the traffic build up is caused by the road closure at Gua Musang route due to a major landslide.

Anyway, today i had a gastronomic raya. It was a long time since i had raya haji in Kota Bharu, so it paid off today.I am already tired with the beef menu, but i hope i can still make it tomorrow.

And hope it is still not too late to wish all readers a happy Aidiladha =)


One thought on “Raya lagi.

  1. insan

    selamat hari raya aidil adha, rajin betoi balik kampung hujan2 ni…kene ingat, this weekend ada second wave, high tide dan hujan lebat, kalau boleh elak, elak…drive carefully, saye x balik kg..huhuhuhu

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