Accidentally blonde? Erk!

I am travelling again, hungry and not so happy with my hair right now.


On Christmas eve i had my hair done at a local saloon, and it costed me quite a bomb. Well, i am not so freaked out about the colour anymore, but i am definitely not adoring the style. I’ve got a 2-toned colour on my hair, and it has lots of streaks of gold right now. Actually i wanted more of the dark colour (which is copperish), but it turned out the other way.

Anyway, i think i can live with it. Only that i am seriously thinking to go back to the saloon and readjust my style. Maybe i will just crop the back again, and get a bob. I know that i have a round face but i think that’s the only option that i can see right now. Plus the current style is similar to a co-worker in my office, and i dont really like being an accidental copycat.The hairstylist promised me a cheaper price if i wanted to readjust, so i think i will be going soon.   

Now where is dear Emry? I am stuck in KLIA again, waiting for him to pick me up. It’s raining outside so maybe he needs more time. Nevermind…but i am feeling like having a nice bowl of tomyam right now….Yumyum..

p/s : Somehow these days i find myself attracted to golden stuff. Even my hair has it too! Wargh!


10 thoughts on “Accidentally blonde? Erk!

  1. mau lihat rambut baru mu~ tensen kn when u spend so much but da hair dresser buat suka ati dia inspite kita dh ckp nk camne…sungguh kurang asam. my hair is out of shape. hair salon here is so damn expensive! my hair need trimming!

  2. intanfareha

    pen!! aku pindah blog…adress same cume kat wordpress…and bile mung nok mari?? jom spain portugal.yang lain aku gi doh..kalo bleh malas gi 2 kalo mung hal bebeh..jalan sokmo best!!..ajak raden skali..kite eurotrip yek!

  3. erin

    OMG!!! blondie!!!hehehe seronok jumpa ko haritu 😉 at least we get to meet once a while seronok gak.rajin2 la turun ttdi 🙂 missing ur company xxx

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