hate programming({blog.owner})

Do i need to create the “hate programming” function? 

There is something about programming that really doesnt appeal to me. I just dont know exactly why.Maybe its because of the huge amount of logic thinking that it requires.

I hate logic. Heck i did not even study that topic in Add Maths. I did not choose to answer the question.I hate puzzles, and yes, i do not give a damn to answering riddles. I am a shortcut person. I like to know the answer first then only i think about how it came out. Am i weird?

Funny thing is right now i am stuck in a training that requires me to do a lot of programming practice. Arghh. Dahla duduk belakang sekali. And there is one girl in front of me who just happen to be a genius with it. It really makes me feel worse when i realize that maybe i was the only one in the class who is very lembab with that subject. At the end of the day i feel like my brain is going to explode.

However,i know i have to learn it. By hook or by crook i am expected to be good with it when i return to office.

Mampuih den.

p/s : Thank God i am staying at a hotel which has a shopping complex next door. Watching CLOVERFIELD tonight. Looks interesting. Hopefully.


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