Futsal season is ON baby!

I am all geared up for the tourney tonite. Eventhough i know that i am not up with the stamina and the skills. Suke hati je suruh aku jadi striker. Main hoki dulu pun aku jadik wing je.

Anyway, i admit that i am excited. It has been long since i felt the dread, the hollow pit in the stomach before having a match. Back then i even felt like barfing myself up. Now i am feeling it again.

But its beautiful nonetheless. At first its tense, but once you are in the field you just go with the flow. And when you win, thats a bonus. If you lose, well, you can always try again. Its just a game anyway.

So, as a part of getting ready for the game, i have bought myself a beautiful pair of NIKE Tiempo’s. Considering that i have a high chance of continuing with the team, i think i might as well invest in a pair of futsal shoes. It was love at first sight, and now its mine. Cewah~

Wish me luck people. Hehe. Oh and btw, the team name is REAL BRUNO (as in Dhuha’s cute cat Bruno). I have a strong feeling that Shahreen was the one who suggested the name, since she is Dhuha’s housemate. Heheh.

1,2,3 BRUNO!!








5 thoughts on “Futsal season is ON baby!

  1. intanfareha

    Hello pen…nice one REAL BRUNO…geram je aku ingat kegemukan dia tuh…miyauu..

    and btw the paragraph describing pasal pembelian kasut baru ni remind me of Rebecca in Shopaholic Trilogy by Sophie Kinsella..hahhahah..she always find herself a reason to buy anything without feeling guilty..hahahaha…

    anyway have fun futsaling…

  2. erin

    mek.cho sms nombor mung.hehe kawe hile la nombor mung 😛

    babe!! yasmin’s in town.jumaat ni jom dinner ramai2 kat pavillion! okei.sila sms aku semula.hehehe 😉

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