Gol dan Gincu version Gebeng.

Here are some pics from the futsal tourney. Well, as we just made our debutant, its acceptable to us that we did not make it to the finals (just 2 trainings, what do you expect?)

Basically we had a good game, but the weakness that i identified is mainly lack of stamina. Looks like we have to start building it if we decide to join another tourney.

Anyway, it was F/U/N, nevertheless. To summarize, we had 1 win,2 draws and 2 loses.  

Me and Shahreen (she’s makes a great defender)

While waiting for the 3rd game of the night

Faika & Yanti (defense) Me & Finie (striker)

Dengan team yang telah membelasah kami 4-0. Kwang3.

Real Bruno with Mr Coach (Lok)


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