It’s the last week of February. Time flies. So fast, sometimes it makes me feel afraid to blink my eyes.

Anyway, it’s dusty in here I think I could asphyxiate. Eheh. So, I think I will start “cleaning-up” with some random thoughts I am having right now…

  • I am watching Ghost in 8TV right now, and it occurs to me that maybe ghosts these days are as sophisticated as we are. They can surf the net! (Well, at least this particular ghost does). Come on la…sangat tak lojik
  • Malaysia Decides 2008. I have registered as a voter, but I am not sure whether I will be where I am supposed to be on the 8th. According to, i am voting in Putrajaya. Reason why I am so unsure is : one, I do not even know who is the candidate. Two: I am not feeling like traveling at that time, and three: I kinda know that my potential party to be “pangkah” will win. Haha. Macam aku ni tau sangat pasal politik. I am 24 this year, but why oh why, I still do not bother to ambik tau.
  • American Idol 7 is on the run, and I officially love and adore David Archuleta. Apart from his beautiful voice, he is oh-so-cute and adorable. Hopefully he makes it to the finals. And Michael Johns is super hot with his Aussie accent and some hint of rock in his image. The ladies? Ramiele Malubay may have made my list, so does the gothic nurse (I forgot her name). Both have their own unique style, which I think is one of the important things that a singer should have.   
  • I haven’t talked about my new year’s resolution right? Well, let me just say that one of it is to keep fit. To be more specific is to lose at least 5kgs, and make sure that I am within the ideal Body Mass Index. Plus, I have to join at least one kind of sport, which may be Futsal. Or maybe I can hit the gym. Still thinking actually. Futsal, gym or yoga or hip hop class? Kahkahkah. Banyaknye! Ok la, the point is I need to keep fit. Fullstop. Soo…as a part of the effort of keeping fit, i went jogging today. Alone, yes, but that does not bother me as much as how I was so breathless after running just 50 meters! Wish me luck guys. I have another 10 months to make sure I achieve this.

Here are a few shots after jogging today evening. Location: Taman Bandar. Somewhere near Indera Mahkota and Bukit Istana. Not bad. Really nice lake and family oriented environment. There are always a lot of people so I don’t worry much when jogging alone.






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