Saturday Cooks.

I have been cooking every weekend lately. I find it as a very good way to spend my weekend, and at the same time enjoy home cooked meals. Sometimes i get very tired of eating outside. Sometimes i do not even know where to eat anymore.

Last Saturday when i was browsing through my cookbook, i found a recipe on Pandan Chicken. Looks so yummy,i decided to have a try.

So, i rushed to Pantai Selamat near home to buy the ingredients, and stopped by Dhuha’s house to get free pandan and curry leaves. Since her house has a big garden at the backyard, its no wonder how the landlord managed to plant a very big curry tree, few lengkuas tree, few pandan bushes and a lemongrass tree. Best kan? Previously when i was renting the same house, i tried to plant spring onions, but it ended up being cut off by pakcik Velayan, the gardener (or pakcik potong rumput). I expected it anyway, because we had a bad habit of calling pakcik Velayan when the grass already reach our thighs. Eheh.

Anyway, when i cook, i cook big portion. And of course i cannot finish it on my own, so i called people to dine. Cewah.Macam gempak je. So it was me, Diyana and Dhuha, and a nice home cooked meal for lunch. Thanks to Dhuha who brought the rice.

Not bad for a first try. Heheh. My stomach is growling. Lapo la pulak….

The menu was Pandan Chicken, Kailan Ikan Masin and Tempe goreng kunyit, with a dash of curry leaves =)





7 thoughts on “Saturday Cooks.

  1. aku pon msk on weekend jer, byk2 buat bekal the whole week pastuari2 blk skolah msk nasi n pnskn lauk…sng seyhhhhh..nway ur cooking looks yummy~ me heart cooking lalala cooking makes me hepi :p the only domestic i’ll be *fingers cross*

  2. x pe x pe…aku pon suk amsk tp x suka bsh pinggan so nnt ile dh kawen buat agreement i msk, u bsh dishes muahaha in ur case, i msk, u vacumm umah.bernaskan?

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