General Election is over..

..and i have nothing to say.Eheheh.

So i read in cyberspace,i hear people talk and comment, i ask and i think.

Thats what i can do so far. And thank God i did not vote, because if i do its just out of nothing.

In the next GE, i’ll make sure i do and make sure i do it with a purpose.

Anyway, just my own view, there will always be black dots in any Government. All we do is pray and hope for the best. We never know better.

On a lighter side, i came to find out that DSAI said he’ll send Najib as the ambassador to Mongolia, if he became the PM.I find it really funny.

Btw,i am happy that Khir Toyo is out.


9 thoughts on “General Election is over..

  1. ilah,i dont really know that much. but i think he has something fishy going on when he was the Sgor MB. plus he had botox! haha. if you notice his face, memang licin ah, kalah model SK2. ngahaha.

  2. botox?? wtf? what does he need a dahi licin for? to compete with his wife’s? 😀

    but you should have voted, babe. not to sound reprimanding, but it’s your right. so exercise it. sayang laaa 🙂

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