Was leaving on a jetplane.

Have been busy for the past few weeks. Work, of course. And also preparing for my Eurotrip. Havent said much about it before but Alhamdulillah, i have arrived safely to The Hague, Netherlands,along with my 2 bros.

We arrived around 5.30am (local time) , and now i am adjusting myself to the weather and the time. Its about 14 degrees here, quite cold and windy.But its sunny and not a bad day to go out, says my parents. The house is beautiful, its a semidetached, with a compact built, and its supercozy. oh i wish i could live here a lil longer.

Lunch was mama’s cooking of course, have been months since we tasted her cooking. We had a nice family lunch – with lamb chops and fried rice for the menu. Yum! One definite thing that will happen throughout these 2 weeks – i will ruin my diet. Hopefully i wont gain too much when i get back to homeland. Aiyak!

Its quite nothing much to do indoors, so me,Akila and Aderi went out to the lake nearby. Very nice scene, with wild ducks and flowers blooming. Oh have i mentioned that the tulips are blossoming too? Yeay! Mama kept a nice garden out in front and i cant wait for them to completely bloom.

Then we went shopping. Oh, or shall i say, accidental shopping? Actually i was meant to accompany my mum to buy some food out at town, but i ended up shopping. Aha. I purposely did not bring my Euro notes but wth, i cant help buying =P. Bought a pair of boots, Morgan Love de Toi perfume set and nice piece of shirt. All for €50.


That was yesterday. Today is a bit gloomy and rainy, but we are still heading to Amsterdam later. Some shots below for your eyes to feast on =)









2 thoughts on “Was leaving on a jetplane.

  1. emry

    just the right time to go globetrotting. akila looks lively, must be miss u all a lot. i like your 2nd n last pic most. lawa gile!

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