Off to Paris.

Aah, my jetlag is still with me. I slept very early last night, and i woke up at 5am.

Yesterday we were in Amsterdam. To be precise, at the town center. I really like the architecture of the buildings here, every building has a similar touch, but unique at the same time. Compared to Switzerland, i personally like this country better.

Of course when you are in Amsterdam, you wont miss two things when you are walking by the streets. The very open promotion of sex and marijuana. They sell it like candies! There are even cannabis lollipops, tea, coffee. And not to forget the obscene pictures by the shop windows, displaying openly just like election posters.

Got the chance to enter Madame Tussauds at last, i figured that i might as well go to Amsterdam’s rather than the one at London. Plus Akila also wanted to go in, so i managed to get a ‘sponsor’ from Papa. Heheh. One entry would cost you approximately €20 for adults, and €15 for child. Only we both went in, the others did not. Its the Pirates of the Carribeans season, and there was a wax figure of Captain Sparrow. Inside there were quite a lot of famous figures, including Justin Timberlake, and Lady Diana. Its a good thing that they allow cameras inside, so me and Akila snapped our way throughout the walkabout. Heheh.

After the town center and Madame Tussauds, guess where was the next place? Red Light District. I think we should not miss it, as it is after all one of the main tourist attractions of the city. I had an early description of how the place looks like, and indeed it was true. Girls in boxes, wearing lush lingeries, dancing away, trying to attract attention. It was not so bad, not a dark place or someplace that will intimidate you. Only that of course, don’t dream of taking pics coz they will stop you. Haha.

The walk around the city was tiresome, and we all headed off home after about 4 hours. Today, we are heading to Paris. And on the way, maybe we will stop by Luxembourg. This will be the second time we go to Paris. The first time was not so good as it was too cold and cloudy, and its hardly enjoyable. I cant wait to visit the Louvre museum, and of course the Eiffel Tower.









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