An eventful May.

It’s May and so far i would define it as an eventful one. Thank God today is holiday and i am now happily resting and listening to the tunes of Mix fm.

I just came back from a company trip to Pulau Perhentian, which was a last minute plan, but it turned out great after all.

At first i was not very keen of joining it, because the number of participants was too many. I figured that it wont be a nice and easy one as i have learned in the past that any expedition is somehow compromised when there are too many people. Anyway after some paksaan and bakar-an by workmates i at last said yes. Actually it was a great offer as we only had to pay RM100. Very untung one.

Eventhough it was named an expedition, i would personally say that its just a leisure trip. We stayed in a resort with airconditioned rooms, and we did not have to cook ourselves ( its not like camping ). So it was worth the trip. Plus i was looking forward for a holiday break so i guess that was it. The best part was the snorkelling and swimming activities. Now i think i really have to get that Scuba Diving license.

It has been 2 weekends of outdoor activities including the pulau trip, as last week i was at my division teambuilding at Dusun Eco Resort, Bentong. It was 3 day trip and it was full of outdoor activities, which was also great. At least its not like the formal, yada-yada, classes and speeches type of teambuilding. I always believed that outdoor activities is the one that teaches you the lessons of working in a team. And i think it served the purpose well.

Besides the 2 weekends of activities, this month, Emri also started his new job in Kerteh, Terengganu. Its nice having him nearer to me now, just as what he always planned, and what i always hoped for. I guess after the long years of having a long-distanced relationship, its finally time that we have a close one. Anyway Kerteh is still a one-half journey from Kuantan, but its not very bad. And its our 6 year anniversary this month too, so that adds to the excitement of this month. We did not celebrate it properly,but we’ll find time to do it soon, eventhough its belated. Blame the busy adult working life. Urgh.

My lifeplan is going well so far, including his. So i would say that now we are thinking of hitting the next milestone of our lives. I dare not say too much right now, but for those who already know, they would understand the magnitude of it =) So this month i am starting the preparation too.

p/s : I am so into Madonna’s latest tune now, its called 4 minutes and it really gives me the groove. I wish i could dance like her. Watch her video here ->


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