Just another Sunday.

It’s a Sunday. A productive one, i should say. The fact that i managed to do all the long due handwashing left me feeling accomplished for the day. I have a bad habit of delaying my handwash laundry, of course due to extreme laziness. So today i proudly finished it all. Mostly are delicate fabrics, thats why i dont dare to tuck it in the washing machine.

And today, i cooked for lunch. Sup sayur labu and daging goreng kicap. Macam ramai je nak makan. Padahal it ended up me eating alone while watching CSI NY on Ch 701. Hehe. Biasala, orang bujang. Tapi nak makan sedap aje. Its different having home cooked meal. Personally it made me feel like i am at home and closer to my mum ( walaupun the taste its different ).

Emri is supposed to come back from KL, and meet me up on his way to Kerteh. I was actually looking forward to it. Just to spend some time with him and talk.But then cik abang sayang buat tak jadi pulak..huk alohh….kecewa den. So to mend my broken heart, i ended up hitting Megamall. Shopping is the best therapy ( but only when you have enough balance in your account ). Plus i was feeling “mendak” and i was starting to have some headache. I have this weird kind of headache when i am stuck at home and got nothing much to do.

So…the spree was 2 pairs of sandals, and a pair of working pants. Keh3. Vincci was on sale, so i got two pairs for RM72. Not bad. Girls can never have enough shoes, so face the fact and live with it. The pants pun aku dah lama usha. I love the cutting, it makes me feel like am a chic magazine editor. Kekeke ( perasaan…)

Hurm, EURO 2008 is around the corner. Like Laily, i have to plan how to juggle between football matches and work. Mesti game malam2 punya…tido mesti lambat. Have not done my research yet, maybe after doing it then i know which team to side on. Haha. Laily, ko rasa team mana berpotensi?

Got to go now. I am heading to the nearby karaoke club at 10pm. Celebrating Ideal’s birthday tonite, as invited by Anis. I have to bring the cake. Today life starts after 6pm ( padahal esok keje ).


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