saya penat.

Another weekend has come by. Looks like the hecticness of May is now pouring into June. My weekends has been full since last few weeks, and i feel like i have some amount of sleep debt lately. Eventhough i slept on time, and wake up on time too, somehow i still feel like my body is still demanding for some more.

Last Sat and Sunday i was in KL with Emri. Two reasons for the travel : i wanted to attend Aysha’s wedding, and we were planning to do some shopping in Nilai. Spent Fri nite at the Trader’s hotel ( thanks to my aunty who invited me to join her stay ), and Sat nite at another aunt’s place. Naseb baik ada mak2 sedara yang penyayang..hehe. Aysha’s wedding was beautiful, and i could say that she has officially started the “wedding wave” among our close circle from primary skool. Nilai was interesting. Eventhough ada banyak kedai kain, tapi aku shopping barang2 hantaran shj. Many choices and really managed to trigger my rotten, creative side of my mind. Eheh. And on Sun we went to Jalan TAR, and ended up buying kain baju nikah at Jakel. They were having sale, so we got a good bargain. And, jeng3…Habib pun sale so apelagi. Nak tgk? Tungguuuu =)

This weekend i am on an attachment in Hosp Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan.Another part of my first aider training. We are assigned at Jabatan Kecemasan, so you would know what i am witnessing since yesterday. There were a number of accident cases today, quite interesting for a person with a non-medical background like me. And today, i have officially proven that i am not “mabuk darah”. At least, i have overcame one fear that i had when i started off this attachment.

Ugh, I am so tired. SIgning off now.


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