Here are another attempts at domesticating myself:

Choc Chips and Raisins Bread pudding!

Yeay! Not bad for my first attempt. Only that i may have put a little too much ground cinnamon, it smelled like a cinnamon roll already. Pour generous amounts of Hersheys Chocolate and it was love. Hehe. Habeh spoil diet aku. Thanks to Diyana who sponsored the bread loaf =)

I just love herb gardens, and here is my attempt at growing them. Thanks to my bakal ibu mertuaku, who gave me the cili padi seeds, daun kesum and curry baby tree.So nampaknya percubaan ini kena berjaya. If not saya akan malu. Keh3. But so far so good, except for the pandan trees which died! Alamak!


3 thoughts on “Love

  1. aku ingatkan gamba kedua tuh kek jugak! mwahahaha.. tetiba plak ada pucuk2 tumbuhan kat situ.

    wey minah, long time no hear 😀
    ko kat mana skrg aaarrr?

  2. i’ve yet to taste it…
    yuni thanks for the help yeah! sgt appreciate it..
    im back in the “outback” cowboy town..
    i foresee another spa treat already! huhu

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