F is for family…

…as in Family Day. Yep, last Saturday was my company’s family day and we had it in The Legend Resort, Cherating. I was there a night earlier, di atas ikhsan Cik Yana a good friend of mine who happened to be the sub-committee.

Being a bachelorette does not mean that you cant enjoy family days. Well people may say that its for those who have families, but frankly i think its just up to you. Its how you wanna make it. You can choose to just sit, watch and leave. Or, you can choose to get involved.

As for me i choose the latter. I mean, come on la, your time will come (Insya Allah), so while you have all the rights to have fun and  and being carefree ( yeah, i dont have the burden of having to watch my kids yet ), just let it all out!

The theme was something related to water, so being a water freak like me, oh yeah i had fun. The doorgift was water pistols, and they even provided a reload tank. Aha. I practically shot everyone i could think of, and i had a hard time avoiding their shots as well. Talk about being young at heart. Memang macam budak2 la aku. Keh3. 

End of the day before leaving i had the chance to jump into their huge swimming pools. But the thing is, looking at kids learning to swim with their dads, made me miss my papa too. Eheh. Oh well, good thing he is coming back home end of this month, for his training and for the engagement.


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