EURO 2008 blues.

Note on the previous post:

Thanks to all who was concerned about me. Sekarang dah sejuk balik tapi kalau teringat memang rasa cam nak meletup lagi. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was watching a delayed telecast of EURO 2008 – Netherlands vs Russia last night, when i realized how much i have missed the old days in UTP. Back then, we used to watch football matches at the mamak near the campus, while filling up our tanks with either dinner or a late supper. Usually we were the only all-girls table that the restaurant has, and we can’t help noticing peculiar gazes from some guys who has not really seen girls mad about football. Well masa tu memang mampus la nak layan. Only that we had to control our urges to scream out loud, well yela kang nampak cam over pulak. But if we were watching in our rooms, that’s a different story already.

To be frank i have not really watched any live match this season, reason being that since i started working, i am really hopeless when it comes to staying up late. Last night was the first game that i watched, tu pun delayed, and i missed the 1st half. I just came back from East Coast Mall with Emri, when i tuned to TV9 to watch it. I figured, ” Oh wth, delayed pun delayed laa. At least aku tak tau lagi score ape, sape menang and whatsoever. Let me just pretend that its a live one “. Depan aku, Diyana is happily chatting and surfing the Internet.

Halfway through the 2nd half, i was all pumped up. Yela yela kasi can a beb, biarlah aku excited sorang2. Of course i was making my own comments on the game, and was hoping for a goal from the Oranje. Tiba-tiba, sedang aku tgh saspen, Diyana, with all her selamba-ness pun berkata:

“Oo Russia menang……”

I was, ” Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….nape ko bgtau! ” with my all frustrated voice. Diyana broke into a big laugh and apologized. Tak bajet a tu. Haha. Then officially i was back to the real life. Alahaiii…baru nak buat2 macam aku tgk live. Hahaha. Takpela, at least i did not know the scores, so i continued watching until the end. After that, i was not so excited anymore, but anyway i enjoyed watching the Russians keeping the Dutch struggling.

It was an interesting game, the Dutch meeting up the Russians. I underestimated the Russians all along, they really are fast. I guess the Dutch team dah semput2 dah kejar game Russians yang sangat pantas itu. Tak sangka leh menang 3-1.

Like a colleague said to me, “Bola itu bulat. Apape leh terjadi”. Can’t really find the connection there but hey, its kinda like a fact. So far all the runner ups made to the semi-finals, so lets see what happens next. Tapi kenapa aku rasa cam German nak menang eh? Am i already influenced by what Shebby and Paul said?

Apape pun….Bola itu bulat….



3 thoughts on “EURO 2008 blues.

  1. intanfareha

    owhhh sian tgk delayed..owh i cant imagine nnti bile aku pulang bermastautin di rumah dan kena stay up utk game…cesssss…nway nnti aku join mung ye…hiihih…pasti boleh jerit bsama sama…yeahhhhhh!!germany or spain??nway esok germany lawan turkey…abeslaaa…tu kena balik rumah awal awal kunci pintu duduk diam2…selama ni pn kalo germany or turkey menang habes bising…ni diorg lawan tgk laa camane…

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