I am off to KL.

EURO 2008 Update

Spain and Germany seals the deal to the EURO 2008 Final. Of course i have been anticipating it all along, but don’t forget to salute the Russians and Turkey for making a great show. I think there is more to come from the “awakened monsters”. Anyway, yeah, the finals at 2.45pm, but i am seriously considering to stay up on that working night. Ahh, if only i applied for leave ( or maybe EL? But heck i know that my boss would immediately detect the reason why ).


Papa is coming back home this Sunday. So, i am off to KL today to fetch him from the airport. Will be staying in an aunt’s house tonight, but heading to Seremban to another aunt’s place tomorrow. Banyaknye tempat nak singgah. Well, with the engagement’s around the corner there are many things that needs to be done. Thanks to my Seremban aunty who is willing to lend me the dulang hantaran, a flower arch and a few carpets for the day. Kekeke. Kantoi di situ rumah aku takdek karpet cantik.

Anyway, since i am heading to KL, i think its time for another trip to IKEA. Usually when i get the chance, i shop my heart out there. Then the journey home to Kuantan will be with a boot full of IKEA stuff. Plus my home needs some more decorations for the engagement. It has been a while since i shop for my personal things ( spell clothes, accessories ) in KL, but looks like that has to wait. Lain kali jela, walaupun nafsu nak shopping ni membuak2 =P.

I will officially announce here that ,yes, my mother and sister will not be home for the engagement. It is sad, i admit that. But after thinking it all out, my parents have decided that they will save more for the wedding. Of course sacrifices has to be made, so mama and Ila will not come back yet. I purposely avoid from thinking of this fact, just so that i won’t go down in tears. But if i think again, well its not that big a deal. After all, Mama already justified the reason to me, and we as a family have to understand and accept all these challenges. It’s not easy when you have a family working abroad, being separated and all. There are things that we cannot avoid. Oh well, i have survived this for the past 24 years, so yeah, i will be alright. So to those who are questioning, i hope you can live with the answer.

Can’t wait for Papa to touch down. Mama said she is sending some French Lace for me. Yeay! I will never afford that in Malaysia. Maybe in Europe you can get it much cheaper. Nak kirim? hehe. 


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