Going brunette.

I admit that i am obsessed with my hairstyles. I have done so much so far, except for getting curls. I went gold, short and cropped once in college,got a bob,rebonding…and today, i go brown.

Apart from my bad habit of getting bored with the same style too fast, i have another reason of going brown this time. As you know, one of the milestones of my life is coming up in 2 weeks, and of course i will be meeting up with most of the extended family members. I have not met them in a while, since Raya Haji last year, i guess. The point is, since i went gold, i have not met most of them. And most of them too, are from my beloved East Coast kampung.

I have a feeling that i will get some weird notions from them, if not direct questions, concerning my hair colour. Especially my grandfather and my grandmother. So there it goes, the reason why i am darkening it now. Oh well, i met my future mother in law with my gold hair anyway, but there was no negative comments on it (thank God). Heheh. She just said that i reminded her of the actress Intan Ladyana. Adeh.

I was already getting used to the gold hair actually, except to the fact that i have to put extra care on it, because if i dont,it will tend to look so messy and dry. Sangat menyusahkan.Emri even got used to it too, he texted me saying “Sng nak cari kat shopping complex”. Tapi nak buat macamana, terpaksala let it go.

So my colour now is dark brown.If you look at my hair in a glimpse, maybe you wont notice that its even coloured at all.

Anyway, i am loving it!


4 thoughts on “Going brunette.

  1. Hey hey hey, I like your previous hair style. But fret not to post the new one, promise you that there won’t be any judgement 🙂
    How’s life so far?

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