counting days.

I am counting days, but yesterday morning when i woke up, my throat was as painful as hell.

I just had a cold last week, but because i was so craving for durian, i had to eat it last Sunday together with Papa and my bros. In my mind i was oblivious that the heavenly fruit can give me the kicks, in the throat, literally. Especially, when i have not really healed completely from the cold.

Ugh, i am on medication now. Doc says it’s just a normal infection, coz my throat is not swollen yet, only inflammed. Hopefully by Saturday i will get better. Do pray for me…

So far the preparation is going well. I just need to do spring cleaning to the house, upstairs and downstairs. It was not surprising to find that most areas are so berhabuk! Heheh. Kantoi di situ. Honestly, i think i have the tendency of becoming a Bree Van de Kamp, when it comes to people visiting the house. Kehkeh.

And here is a preview of my new hair (not really new already). Mungkin tak clear sgt since i shot it under dim light. Pardon me for the poyo-ness there, as i really suck at making cute and sweet shots. Argh! All i can do is the same ol’ smackers on my face, tersengih lebar aje..Bosan betul.


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