I am as happy as a bunny.

It’s kinda late to blog but Alhamdulillah, my engagement ceremony went well. Now i am officially engaged to Engku Emri Engku Abas, who would soon be my lawfully wedded husband. Insya Allah.

Erkk..was that really me saying that? Haha. Sometimes i still cant believe that we are engaged and getting married soon.

I got this question from some friends “So, apa perasaan menjadi tunangan orang? “. Frankly, i would say i am happy. Happy that we are halfway on our journey into another phase of our lives. Happy that we belong to each other now. I also feel that we grow much more attached.  

Of course, i also got advises, from friends and family. Being a fiancee means that i have to start learning to put him into my everyday life, especially when making decisions, and when doing things that normally “orang bujang” do. Being a fiancee means that i already put my hands into a lifelong commitment, meaning that i have to take his feelings and his concerns into account. Oh well, it’s hard, i admit that. Being an independent girl all along before, having the liberty to do whatever i want to do. But its OK, i am willing to change. For him of course, and for us. For love.

People say that engagement period is when the relationship is tested the most. Well that may happen, but i know that we both have the strength to make it through. Insya Allah. After all we already had 6 years of ups and downs together, and we have learned a lot.

So now i have to start thinking of the weddingla pulak..This time it will involve more things to prepare, more things to organize and do. Aiyak..At some point i think that the western style of having a bridesmaid is a great idea. They help the bride a lot! Maybe i should have a few. Heheh. I will think of it.

And since the engagement wave and settling down is now over, i find myself back in the kitchen. Papa bought a lot of fresh prawns when he was here, i cant help myself from cooking a sinful dish – Garlic Butter Prawns..so Yum!


13 thoughts on “I am as happy as a bunny.

  1. amira

    Garlic Butter Prawns..? mcm pnh nampak..bkn ke ni yg ko hidang kat aku n lub (ke arfah?) dulu? yg mase ko dok ampang dulu tu. ni laa kan? yg ko beli kat tesco tu. muehehe ;p

  2. Rina

    congratulations.. sangat lambat wish, sorry.
    yeah i saw one (beautiful) happy bunny in the pic 😛
    do let me know bila hari besarnye ok..take care!

  3. intanfareha

    meks…again u look so comel on that day and bilekah the big day?? i so want to be there too…tp tulah i dont know bile buleh kelik..nnti i come as a pair dgn raden laa…ish mcm menarik je..hahahahha

  4. erin

    babe~!! sangat lupa.tahniah tunangan orang 🙂 may Allah bless both of you and sampai ke jinjang pelamin and akhir hayat too 😉

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