of being grateful.

I got an invitation from the medical dept of the company to join a medical camp last Saturday.Usually i always avoid from occupying my weekends with company events, but this time around i agreed to join. Somehow the location of the medical camp interests me. Plus it was a half-day event, so i still get another half of the day to myself.

The medical camp was organized in a school in Perkampungan Orang Asli Sg Mas, somewhere near Sungai Lembing, Kuantan. It was nearly an hour journey from home, and we went through some off-roads before reaching the school. But i was not driving, and thank God i was not. If not my poor Myvi would be forced to endure a rough road.

Anyway, it was interesting. Getting a chance to meet some indigenous people up-close was not an everyday thing. A lot of them came to enjoy the free services, which includes almost many, from family planning, gynae, to dental. Many docs also volunteered for the event. Hey we even had a haircut service too. Thanks to the local hip hairdresser, Maroon.

As for me, i was in charge of the registration counter. So you know how up close i get with them. However, it is good that our indigenous people are not like the ones in other continents, like in Africa for example. I mean, we can give some kudos to JHEOA for doing a good job of taking care of their welfare. Most of them understands Malay, only that of course they prefer to speak their own native language. They are actually friendly people. And most of them know each other, and they are not awkward being around us.

You don’t wanna mess with me!

I notice that most indigenous people has an African trait. Coarse textured hair, dark skin. Don’t they? I guess National Geographic Genographic Project theory could be true,that we all actually originate from that continent. I learned from the project that our ancestors actually travel from Africa and they separated into different groups and made their way to other parts of the world. Learn more about the project here. Somehow i think it makes sense.

I left the village with a good experience to treasure, and i also feel grateful for what God has given me in my life. Alhamdulillah.


3 thoughts on “of being grateful.

  1. LaiLy

    ni yg aku tau laa. x spec pun. adam n hawa after being banished from heaven landed in the modern sri lanka. then their descendents start to wander and populate the earth.

    our traits are not only determined genetically, but our surroundings do play an important role too. sebab tu awek2 Caucasian swedish dok tmpt sejuk rambut kaler blond mata kaler biru while we Australoid Mongoloid Asians dok kat tmpt panas mmg laa rambut itam golong megi.

    hehhe. kalu tak btol jgn lempang plak ye… 😀

  2. hurm makes sense also. can relate to the genographic project. aku tgk documentary dia aritu, these people memang berubah ikut surrounding dia.

    another example is yang dkat greenland tu, semua jadi kecik2 coz nak reduce luas permukaan supaya tak cepat sejuk kot. heheh.

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