Di keheningan malam…

14 Ramadhan. Good. Now i can keep track of the Islamic Calendar. (only coz this time its on the same course as the Sun calendar..eheh). I should improve. To be honest i still cant remember what year is it. Sangat hopeless aku nih. Isk isk.

There are so many things running in my mind. Especially when i am all alone and have no one to talk to. I tend to think a lot at times like this.

I find myself catching the news at primetime these days. Ape nak jadi dgn politik Malaysia ni? Sounds scary. But i hope it wont go to the extremes. I am hearing “racial politics”, “racial tensions”, “deracialize” (is that a word?). Even “13 Mei”. Aiseh. Menakutkan siot. I pray that peace and harmony is not jeopardized in my beloved country, amidst this ridiculous political scene. We are all Malaysians, what the heck is this racial crap all about?!

Buletin Utama sekarang pun diselang-selikan dgn iklan “Anda Mampu Mengubahnya” yang baru. Now, they are promoting “Buy SIRIM approved child helmets”. It is a HUGE pet-peeves of mine, finding out that some motorcycle-rider parents do not even bother to put on a helmet on their children’s vulnerable heads. Bapaknye pakai, anaknye tak. Kalau pakaikan pun, bagi pakai yang mainan punya. I mean come on la, things like this are common sense la. Isn’t it a normal thing that a parent should think about? Their children’s safety? Why gamble with it? I personally think that things like this has something to do with our notorious “Tak ape..” attitude.

By the way today is my sister’s birthday. She just gave me a call few hours ago, and my card has reached her a day earlier. She is growing up so fast. Sometimes i miss her as a tiny cute innocent little sister. I wish she’d stay that way. I notice that she is now turning into a typical rebellious teenager, especially being in school with anak Mat Salleh yang kadang2 terkenal dgn sifat2 kasar dan mulut celupar mereka. It’s normal i know, but deep down inside i wish she dont wander too far. Sometimes i think she could go over the edge especially with my mum who has been spoiling her. Oh well, i cant blame her either, Akila is the youngest and closest to her now.

Happy 11th Birthday Ila~!


8 thoughts on “Di keheningan malam…

  1. org kiter kn suka beranak ramai2 so ilang satu x mengapa la kot…boley beranak lagi har har har

    kejap je dh besar adek ko…adek aku pon!! erk…kiter dh tua! aku rase cam still sweet 17 hehe

  2. bodak

    I thot thats ur sis’s nickname. Mata Lady.from the disney’s lady and tramp. Uncle Jazri told me about it. I dont know if u still remember him from ur geneva days.

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