Buat tag di hari raya kedua.

Its the second day of raya and i found myself lazing around my uncle’s house instead of going out raya kat rumah orang. Raya sekarang is soo different from the old days. Dulu sibuk kumpul duit raya, sekarang sibuk fikir budget untuk duit raya. Heheh. Since i have a bunch of lil cousins, i think they pretty much display the same enthusiasm that we had back then. So it somehow helps us the older ones to reminisce in silence. Heheh.

My first day of raya was the same routine that i have each year. Of course, being a food lover as i am, i did not miss out any chance of eating glorious raya delicacies,which leads me into an episode of a cranky tummy  last night. Bleh. Nasib baik tak melarat sampai siang..

Oh and by the way, today i received a raya packet from my aunt’s friend which means that my duit raya tahun ini adalah berjumlah RM5. Haha. Obviously she did not know that i am already working. Maybe she assumed that i am still in school/college. Do i look that young? Ececech…perasaan la pulak =P

Tiba2 rasa cam nak buat tag pulak. Diyana just tagged me with this one, and i still owe the ones tagged by Dhuha. I will make myself to do it soon =)

i) 1st airplane ride
1984 – 3 months after i was born. Destination : Manila

ii) 1st time overseas
1984 – Manila, The Philippines

iii) 1st time living away from your family
1997 – Boarding school (SMS Dungun, Terengganu)

iv) 1st time i had a real job

v) 1st time i felt i was fat
Seriously felt that i was fat, 2002. But i am notoriously chubby since i was a kid. Food is my BFF.

vi) 1st time in love
Owh, i admit it was in 1995. Love at first sight. But we never had any real relationship. Aku yang syok sendiri. Kahkahkah. Btw come to think of it now, kenapala aku minat sangat kat dia….aiseh.

vii) 1st time i felt i was beautiful
1997 kot. Eheh. Ntah nape tah ramai orang masuk line =P kekeke.

viii) 1st time at the cinema
The 1st time i remembered was in the min 90’s kot. Cite CONGO.

ix) 1st time admitted in hospital
Sometime around 1984 – 1986 kot. I remember being pulled in a stretcher with an oxygen mask on my little face. I had bronchitis. And i remember people telling me how brave i was ( masa kecik2 kan, orang nak pujuk la tu).

Five(5) more people to tag:
1. Laily
2. Cik Yus
3. Yan
4. Apih SinChan
5. Erin

Sekian terima kasih.

P/S : I just found out that one of a close friend in Kuantan, Cik Dhuha, is moving to KL. Waaaaaaa! Sedih! Which leaves me and Diyana only yang boleh lepak dan mind wave sama. Wuwuuu….=S


2 thoughts on “Buat tag di hari raya kedua.

  1. LaiLy

    wah lau. kena tag ke? hehhe, insya Allah nanti i’ll do it.
    i got 2rm from my senior this year. boleh lah nak buat tambang bas. hahha.

    ape ni emri ckp buat bulan april lak? korang ni kejam laaaa~

  2. hahaha duit raya seciput je kita skarang nih..

    ha aa tu laa…bulan 4 wey..terpaksa..coz parents leh travel masa tu. huhu…most of my overseas friends cant make it, rasa bersalah pulak =S..

    i will send u photos k, my dear matchmaker =)

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