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7 Fakta Mengenai Diri Saya (7 Facts about Me..)

1. I LOVE FOOD and i like to eat, despite being a naturally chubby girl
2. I was in the TV3 Sekapur Sirih show when i was 6 years old
3. When i read the paper or watch the news, i look forward for a gruesome headlines
4. I love colours. Looking at a colour pallete makes me feel happy
5. I get overwhelmed with emotions very easily
6. I have visions of being a rich and happy home maker someday
7. I want to own a body like Jessica Alba and be a food lover at the same time. Boleh? kekeke

7 Perkara Yang Menakutkan Saya Di Dunia (7 Things that Scare Me in the World..)

1. Cockroaches and insects (especially flying ones)
2. Death (coz i know i am not ready yet..)
3. Loneliness
4. Drowning
5. Losing my parents
6. Losing my bee
7. Darkness

7 Lagu Kegemaran Buat Masa Sekarang (7 Current Favourite Songs)

1. David Archuleta – Crush
2. Metrostation – Shake It
3. Better in Time – Leona Lewis
4. Bawaku terbang – The Fabulous Cats
5. Yang Pernah – Estranged
6. Aizat – Hanya Kau Yang Mampu
7. Pink – So What?
7 Perkataan Yang Selalu Saya Sebut (7 Words Mostly I Said..)

1.Yenna dey

7 Perkara Yang Bernilai Bagi Diri Saya (7 Valuable Things for Me)

1. Family
2. Fiance
3. Friends
4. Freedom
5. My Home
6. My Car
7. My money..heheh=P

7 pertama kali dalam hidup saya (7 First Time in My Life)

1. First job
2. First graduation
3. First time to The Hague, The Netherlands
4. First car
5. First love
6. First paycheck
7. First kiss…jeng jeng jeng =P

7 Orang Yang Bertuah Untuk Menjawab Soalan-soalan Di Atas (7 lucky people to be tagged)

Feel free to be one of the lucky 7 people =)


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