Reality check.

I think i have gained weight. My “benchmark” jeans is starting to crunch my waistline. Damn it. Blame the festive season. Or maybe blame my ownself for indulging too much! Ugh! Like what Dhuha said, its a love-hate thing. 

Anyway, reality hit me when i received this book last week :


So we are going to attend Kursus Pra-perkahwinan Islam this weekend. We means me, my fiance and a couple from office. I wonder how it is going to be. They also have put a checklist of the basic things that we should remember, in order to pass and get the certificate. Thank God all of it is just at the tip of my tongue. Insya Allah. Tapi kan….(soalan ini ditujukan kepada orang2 yang dah kawen, atau yang dah attend kursus kawen).. Betul ke tak pass kalau takleh hafal? Huhu…

It has been a while since i was busy planning for the wedding. And i have another 6 months to go. Looks like i have to continue it now. Next task is to go to the tailor,survey for cards and revising my guestlists. It is surprising to find that there are some people who suddenly appear when they heard that you are getting married. Its flattering, but honestly i really have to prioritize. I wish i could just invite everyone, but i am no second Siti Nurhaliza or Erra Fazira or another rich girl.

I choose to invite my guests with my own personal touch. So when you hear from me, you know you are always in my thoughts =)


9 thoughts on “Reality check.

  1. sarahtebuan

    eh kene hafal ade test ker? mine tak payah ponx. duduk dengar jer. amek attendance every class. pastuh dapat sijil la the next wiken huhuh

  2. time kursus, takde…

    time dpn kadi, takde…

    rasanya diorang dh taknak wat org pressure dh pon, tanye rukun nikah, qunut, etc2…

    tp benda2 PAFA tu patutnye dh ada dlm kepala la kan 😛

  3. yunayuni

    oo surprise surprise.

    JAIP Pahang Kursus Kahwin ada assesment OK~ haha

    In the end, u still get the cert regardless fail or not, but they give you your score. Kira cam sedar2la sendiri kot.

    We did well anyway 😀 Alhamdulillah

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