Chawan Mushi

I have an announcement.

I hereby declare that i have 2 new resolutions to add to my list :

1) GREEN is the new PINK – which means Recycling, and saying NO to plastic bags. I plan to bring my own grocery bag when i go grocery shopping. Let’s make a difference to the world. ( i dont sound corny do i? )

2) Start eating healthily, especially during dinner =)

Wish me LUCK! ( It’s quite hard actually)

So, as part of resolution no. 2, i have been browsing for healthy recipes. Last night i gave Chawan Mushi a try.

2 eggs
1 cup chicken stock
1 tsp light soy sauce
Pre-cook chicken,meat,filament stick,etc. (be creative!)
Shiitake mushrooms (or maybe button mushrooms too)
Coriander leaves (daun ketumbar) for garnishing

1)Whisk eggs gently, and pour in chicken stock and soy sauce slowly
2) Fill up 2 teacups with the chicken and mushrooms
3) Pour the whisked eggs mixture into the cups
4) Steam until the eggs are set
5) Garnish with coriander leaves

Actually you can find a variation of Chawan Mushi recipe from the Internet. So browse around and experiment. Or rather, like i always love to do, improvise =)

Happy trying!


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