After 2 weekends…

…only today i managed to make myself update. Kudos to me.

1) Me and fiance have been certified fit to wed. Yeay. Tak bajet langsung ada assesment, but oh well, we did great. Alhamdulillah. So people, you may want to prepare yourself better if you decide to go for a Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan in Pahang. The ustaz-es was not so bad after all, most of them did a great job of keeping the attention.

2) Went to Kuala Lumpur for Deepavali Holidays. Bunked at many places, aunty, friends.Glad that i was able to catch up with most of my close friends. Thanks Erin for the stay, i had loads of fun hanging out at TTDI. Made me miss the neighborhood. We should hang out again someday. And thanks Mira for the other stay…and for the great food too =) Lepak rumah Lubna on Monday morning, and she tapau me her delicious macaroni goreng for dinner. Thanks dear.

And not to forget, i did a lot of shopping too! Hehe. KLCC, Sg Wang Plaza, The Curve, IKEA..~ fuh!

3) This weekend i stayed at home. Yesterday i managed to clean up the ground floor. Good job Ayuni. God knows when i will make myself do it again, coz i am really a lazy bum when it comes to vacuuming the house. Maybe in another 2 weeks time, at least 😛

4) I have put on a kilogram since Raya. So i have to work extra hard to lose it. I think its going to be tough, but i really have to! Honestly, that extra kg is what making me procrastinate my trip to the tailor. Huhu. Anybody wants to give me a wake-up lempang to my face?

5) Just a quick movie suggestion for the couch potatoes like me. You guys have to watch Recount (airing on HBO now). I found myself stuck at it this morning. Shed some light about Bush and Al Gore elections back in 2000. So helpful for a political ignorant like me!

Dahle tu…Tido la pulak..Esok keje.

p/s : Just in case Mr Syed Muzafar is reading this, thank you for the lawn-mowing help. Hehe. Nanti akak belanja ye dik (wek!!) 😀


8 thoughts on “After 2 weekends…

  1. emry : eheheh lupa nak cite kat awak. syed muzafar as in Pa tu, dia tolong mow the lawn…hehe..

    sarahtebuan : tu ah, kalau dah ske pakai baju tu sokmo 😛

    erinchunk : yep! nnti lepak lagi 😀

    diyana : o yek? haha takyah la bgtau…kang ko hilang tempat nak meluahkan cerita kang..kekeke

    hurm Syed Muzafar ….how i wish its the other Syed Muzafar who mowed the lawn (as in the Msian Astronaut!) jangan marah ye? muah muah

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