Malam yang indah…

Aahh…its a full moon tonight, and i felt like texting a nice romantic line to my fiance who is on his way to KL tonight.

Me to Bee : “Look at the sky, i asked mr moon to guide your way :* ”
His reply : “Mr moon semunyik blakang mr cloud and mr rain”

Ugh..blame the monsoon season. Baru nak jiwang…heheh.

I am so glad that the much awaited weekend is now here. I have decided to stay home and just laze around and rest. I can say that it was a hectic week for me, most of the days i worked for 12 hours. To sum up, right now i am coordinating a system upgrade project which is quite crucial in the company. The HR system. With the HR Director stepping in as the project sponsor, i think you can pretty much know how big the project is. But i am quite grateful of the opportunity, coz there will be a lot of new experience for me as a very young IT executive.

Anyway, work aside. This weekend i have the house to myself, my housemate is off to her hometown. So its going to be just me, the laptop and the TV. Nacho Libre is on air now, but i am not so keen at watching. Just leaving it blaring for the sake of filling up the silence.


Browsing Facebook now. Gosh, there is a baby season happening around. There’s a colleague who just became a father, a friend at work who just conceived, some people from school and uni who are pregnant.OMG it just hits me. I am sooo in the adult life, and no more news about who is dating who now. Its who marrying who!

Time just flies so fast. Better get started making something out of lives. Now where is my wishlist again?


4 thoughts on “Malam yang indah…

  1. adeih…sungguh tak romantika~

    it seems like ade musim for evrything, kawen, baby etc..wonder if these ppl doing it because they want to or because others r doing it, so i have to jump into the bandwagon too? eheh

  2. dalilah : hurm do it when u want to and when the time is right, in the meantime just have fun 🙂

    emry : i think a full moon is romantic. hampeh la awak ni, bagila can ok 😛 nice pic ke? hehe…balik east coast cepat!

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