To remain a child.

It’s a Friday. Usually the office would be very silent when its lunch hour. Either people are out for lunch, or just taking a short nap until lunchtime is over. So does the Service Desk phone, it seems like its gone for lunch too.

On a Friday i always have no mood for work anymore, especially after 2pm. So what i do is just wrap up the task completed for the week, and highlight other pending things that can be done later.

By the way, I found this when i was in my aunty’s house last raya. Guess who? 🙂


To remain a child

No worries in the world
A robin in a tree,
a flower in the spring is all it takes
to bring a smile to your face

Faith the dreams come true
Honest to the test
Seeing the good in all who cross our path

Worry consumes our day
A pot of gold and diamond jewels
do not unfreeze our frown

Dreams are not reality
Excuses are our nature
Critical of all who are not us

Why must we grow up
Why not see the world
through the eyes of a child
Even in our adult years?

(c) Rebecca All Rights Reserved


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