Oo emak, saya mau kawen (part 1)

It’s just about 4 months until the big day. Honestly,i am feeling a bit tense. Not for the fact that i am going to be a Mrs soon, but for the preparation it requires. This is a huge thing for me, and suddenly i found myself being so perfectionist. And of course, so stressed out.

copy-of-dsc_2604Where is the ring? 

Last few weeks i have been travelling to KL with mr fiance, mainly because of the wedding prep. Since we are both working in the East Coast, but our wedding is going to be in the federal territory, it takes much more of our time. To get the picture,add up the mak-andam, photographer and wedding invitation cards scouting with our 3 hour travel to and fro.

Why KL you may ask? Well, then i’d ask back, why here? I had a notion from my close friends when we met up few weeks ago –  “Yuni, ko kena settle down kat KL la. Your life is here”. So true. Bukan aku nak berlagak aku ni “Kay-ELL” and whatsoever, its just that i think its my hometown and i am so used to it. All of my close friends are there, even my family, if they are back in Malaysia.

Oh well, I am not complaining. I am just telling 🙂

So..after scouting around we have pretty much met our potential mak andam. Went to 4 places actually, and wow, the prices are soo different. We got a price quote from rm5000 to rm15 000. Of course la kan, tak mampu la den nak ambek yang rm15k tu? So lastly, we decided to go with the one who quote us the lowest, but, with a good taste. Who? Nanti lepas kitorang confirm aku cite lagi k?

For the photographer, me and fiance has decided that we’d go with the same team who did our engagement – The Photographer. The price is reasonable for quite good work.Eventhough based in Kuantan, they do not have extra charge for services in KL.

Once done with the booking-required services, then comes the hantaran part. Nampaknya dah kena start beli raw materials for the decor now, and i am lovin’ it. I am yet to finalize the colour theme for the hantaran, but pretty much, i have the idea already.

Talking about wedding, a close friend is getting married this Christmas Holidays. So to dear Cik Sarah, all my well wishes to you, and hope you have a beautiful wedding. So sorry i cant make it 😦


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