And the world goes round and round..

“Nothing stays in this world, not even our problems” – Charlie Chaplin

These words are definitely an enlightenment to me. After discovering the direct impact of the recent economic falldown yesterday (to me personally), i was disoriented for a while.

I had to take up a different approach now. Especially of my financial matters next year. And with the big day coming up in a few months i admit that i am afraid.

Glad that it was not for long. Texted papa and told him about it, and and mama called me up few hours later checking on me. Its like she knew how messed up my mind is at that point of time.

With her jokes, and soothing words, she healed me. And she said don’t worry.

I cried to sleep last night. Just because i realized how much i missed them.

This morning i got an email from mama again, reminding me of the same thing.

Don’t worry be happy. And that is what i will try to be.



6 thoughts on “And the world goes round and round..

  1. LaiLy

    oh dear, i’m sorry to hear that you’re in distress. everybody is feeling the heat from the current economic downturn. keep your chin up, dear. you have family and friends around you to keep you afloat. til then, do not give up hope, ok?

    be safe 🙂

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