Its raining cats and dogs new year…

It hasn’t stopped raining since the first day of the new year. I guess the second wave of flood is coming.

Despite the heavy rain, i was out all day. Thanks to the time consuming car service, and running some errands. Go to the bank, grocery shopping. Next thing i know it is already dark.

Now i am perched in front of the TV, with Memoirs of a Geisha airing on HBO. I lose count of how many times i have watched the movie, i practically remember the dialogues already. The movie definitely made into my list of all-time favorite movies. A beautiful, yet sorrow love story. A story about sacrifice. The last scene never failed to touch my heart.(Mind my jiwangness awhile)

So..its the new year. Welcome welcome 2009. I was too busy with my project i mentioned before, so i did not felt like partying.

Anyway of course, i am trying my best to make a list of my new resolutions. For the past years i never really jot down or recorded my resolutions, i just merely made mental notes. So this year, i figure maybe jotting it down will help me achieve it. At least one day somebody will ask me for updates on it, and i might as well make sure something is done about it.Heheh.

So here goes my list for 2009. Pray to God i will make it :

  • Get married!
  • Maintain, if not reduce my current BMI and improve body image
  • Exercise more.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Go greener.
  • Get a PADI dive cert
  • Save more money and be more prudent on my financial matters
  • Keep in touch, better!
  • Be more proactive and organized at work

Too general huh? But not too bad for starters. I guess. Heheh.

Wish me luck!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, eventhough i am late by 3 days. 😛


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