Lets play guess.

I remembered back in my uni days, my close friends and i used to gather round after dinner or sometimes during non-class hours (or during skip class hours :P), and we played “guess”. Guess what? Well, its “Guess who gets married first?”.  There was usually no one-name answer, the answer will always be a specific list, in a particular order of who marries first.

I remembered the top 3 who made the list are the same person. Its just whether she gets the first, second or third. And the top 3 people were me, Sarah and Amira. Why? Particularly because at that time, we were the ones who had steady boyfriends. There is another girl actually, Arfah, but knowing her goals and her directions in life, she was put off the list in the first place, eventhough she and her bf that time was one of the hottest couple in school. 

Too bad we never really recorded down who gave the precise answer, if not, that would be another reason to gather up the girls and celebrate the winner. Heheh.

Now, it has been more than 2 years since we left uni, and last December 08, Sarah made it first. And by April, insya Allah it would be my turn. Another few months then it would be Amira’s turn, and her engagement is coming real soon. And to add to the good news, all 3 of us had and will tie the knot with the same ol’ boyfriends that we had in uni days.


So, who really won the guess game? I think we could never recall, but definitely what we wished for has came true 🙂 Of course, we always continue to hope for the best for the rest of the girls, who will someday have their turn. Meanwhile,you ladies, have fun!

Just something out of the topic, Diyana has now turned into an ex-housemate. Hope she’s now settled down in her new place, some few kilometres away. So now we are officemates only, but we’ll remember to catch up sometimes 😉


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