Turn of tide

Naope, i’m not going to lecture on (duh) imminent lost BN in P36 and the triumph of PAS. I just want to say, savor this big slap on your face. And that is for holding back GIANT from opening its giant shutter door in Mesra Mall. Sure, i’ll belebeh about this more if it still not open in a few days.

The turn of tide that will come in a few more hours is the inauguration of Barack Obama as 44th president of US, and first african-american president which only occur previously on TV. A long list of movies and TV series have put this idea forward portrayed with positive image and attitude. I love 24.


Obama or his real name is Barrack Hussein Obama II was born to his father, a Kenyan, who came to study in University of Hawaii where he met Obama’s mother, a white american with english and irish descent (to quote Obama, his father is black as pitch, mother is white as milk, i bet he was about to say “I should be a dalmation). So is he black enough to be black? Interestingly, after her mother divorced, she married an Indonesian and together with Obama, followed his step father to Jakarta when Soeharto came to power and lived there for some time before went back to Hawaii.

Harvard-bred, i only noticed him when he went against Hillary for Democratic presidential candidate, which i already prophecied he’d win based on one speech which i forgot what about. Of course, Republican camp, war-vet McCain is no match for him. Come on, magna cum laude vs POW? Man behind Iraq War De-Escalation Act of 2007 vs man who support U.S.-led war in Afghanistan? The next US president is a terang lagi bersuluh P36 simple guess.

Let’s see if one person can change the world. Or just another POTUS passing by.



7 thoughts on “Turn of tide

  1. Saying an official ‘Hi’ to Kak Yun’s fiance!


    Let’s hope that there will be some changes. To the world. To mankind, in particular.


  2. helluuu emri. yeah, a harvard-bred against a POW? seems ridiculous eh? but at one time i thought mccain was going to triumph given his ample ‘experience’ and all but too bad he made all the wrong choices for his sidekicks.

    however, we all love changes and obama came as a big one at that. but i was put off when he didn’t condemn israel’s attack on gaza, instead, shouldering israel’s campaign on. he promised changes, but he failed at his first task. i’m not sure i’m as keen as before.

    i just hope he won’t turn into another bush. God knows that bollocks is enough to last us a century.

  3. intanfareha

    nasib baik last tuh ade by, kuemri..
    kalo tak aku sure akan gone..oh my god since when yun turned into someone yg tulis sume bendani…no offence yek meks…hanya terkejut tp tak pelik it it was you..

    btw aku sudah hupdet!hehehhe

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