Happy Ox!

Catching the light at the end of the tunnel, i glimpsed at my grandfather-clock-sized-super-cool-titanium Casio watch. 1990 feet altitude.

“Hunny, tau tak terowong nih point paling tinggi kat highway ni tapi point paling rendah kat banjaran ni,” tiru iklan ASTRO.
“Yelah, Genting Sempah kan?” geek gile mamat ni.
“Ha’ah ek.. Genting tu kan point yang rendah kat banjaran kan..”
“Habis tu, Genting Highland?”
“Ha’ah le… Genting Highland.. Oxymoron,” the first time of real use of such word. Self-impressed.
“Oxymoron.. Hihihi,” not impressed.
“Bleh masuk blog nih,” perasan ada blog sendiri.

Heheh, love u dear ;P
And I love ice cold coffee on the highway.



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