Oo emak, saya mau kawen (part 3)

I am having a long weekend this time, coz i was on leave last Friday. Yeay to that.Alhamdulillah, we completed our HIV test at the nearby government clinic, which to my awe, was jam packed with people. But the sad thing is, the place is too small, with too great a patient volume. Maybe they should consider to expand. We got lucky during the registration queue, coz we got the next number. Not because we skipped the line, but somehow someone put back the next number (105) on the ticket stack. The current no was 104, and the number on the stack was 112.That sped up the process.


At first i thought we needed to go to a lab or whatever to do the test. But it was just as simple as going to the Green Triage area, where they usually do consultation and take records of vital signs. So, after 40 mins, we were done. The results were sealed in an envelope together with the form, but we still know it, of course. Alhamdulillah, it was non-reactive for both of us.

So, now we are one step ahead with the legal matters. Next step is to meet the kariah for our areas, get their signature, and straight to JAWI. We plan to go next week, so hopefully everything goes well (eventhough i am a little bit worried that we cannot stick to plan coz Emri is now waiting for the verdict whether he needs to go for an outstation to Miri next week).

I have finalized my wedding dress. So i am going to meet Kak Zue my mak andam next week too to give her the green light for the tailoring.

Cards are going out soon, but i have not finished folding and tying the ribbons to it. Aiyooo. Better get started. I have completed one dulang for hantaran, so that is a good progress, not? Heheh. And here is my crammy craft corner at home :


Warghhh! So many things to do, and the irony is, i am still being a procrastinator. I deserve a slap on the face. Haha. Some help would be great..but i am not sure where to find it.. 😦

Anyway, i cooked for lunch today. Simple je, but because i have not posted food for quite some time, so here goes :



Ingredients :

1 pack of Soft Beancurd
Garlic (chopped)
Spring Onions (chopped)
Few small slices of ginger
Light soy sauce
A bit of sugar
Olive oil

1) Steam the beancurd until cooked
2) Fry the garlic until brown. Sprinkle over beancurd
3) Sautee (tumis) the ginger,then put in soy sauce
4) Put in water, and sugar
5) Simmer for a while and pour over beancurd
6) Top with Sambal Udang Kering if desired
7) Serve with hot rice


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