Getting geekier each day.

Have i told you that my fiance is a geek and that perhaps, due to his geekiness i fell for him at the first place? I have a weird attraction to boys who wears glasses, i do not know why. I think its hot.

Contrary to the fact that i thought geekiness is hot, i tease him of his geekiness most of the time, not realizing that i myself , am turning into one.

I was watching Discovery Science last night, a documentary about dinosaurs to be particular. Its called “Paleoworld”. When i tuned to it, immediately i thought of mr fiance. Yeah, he told me he was obsessed with dinosaurs when he was a teenager (and also on the star constellations, planets, and stuff like that.Geeky huh?). So, it was either i was in the mood to bermanja-manja, or i was honestly curious, i texted him a line :

Me : “Bi, how does dinosaurs evolve to be birds?”
Mr fiance: “Hurm…Actually, ada 2 families of dinosaurs. One died out. Yang satu lagi tu probably evolved to birds. Ada theory kata dinosaur already hot blooded before evolved to birds” (i can imagine how he explain this if he is around)
Me : “Oo..heheh. Cam menarik plak :P” (ececeh…)
Mr fiance: “Of course it is. That’s why i love it. Citer tu pasal apa?”
Me : “Pasal dinosaur cam burung. Ch discovery science”
Mr fiance : “U r getting geekier..Heheh”

Obviously! 😛


11 thoughts on “Getting geekier each day.

  1. idayusof

    both of you.

    balik KL tak on this coming 28th March? i’m planning to throw out a get together. still in planning stage. jadi ke tak jadi belakang kira.

    so kalau ade masa balik on that weekend.. let me know okeh.

  2. kak yus : heheh. owh 28th eh, tak sure lagi la. coz ada member tunang gak masa tu.kalau g pun balik hari kot.heheh.apape sy bgtau.u using the same number like before?

    yan : 🙂

  3. jllybee


    Alamat..kalau kawin sok, turn out that u r more nerdier? than emri?


    ahahhaa..anyway, happy to see u walk down the aisle. Ada aisle ke?

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