Ooo emak saya mau kawen (part 4)

1 months and 2 weeks to go..

How far am i with the preparation? Alhamdulillah, everything is on track. Except for some items that i can’t decide yet coz i figured its best to wait until my parents touchdown on 4th April 2009.

I took my annual leave on the 23rd and 24th February to settle with the official wedding matters in KL.Actually i went there on Saturday, 21st. It was a kill-two-birds-with-a-stone thing, coz i was there for Mira’s engagement. Congratulations dear, and good luck with the wedding prep. Its going to be crazy, but make sure you have fun on the way. Heheh.

So..the most important part is done. Good thing about doing official matters in KL is that the service delivery timeframe has improved. In one day we managed to get it done,walaupun terpaksa ke sana dan ke mari a bit.

Its simple, if you want things to go smooth, it does not hurt if you prepare early. Just make sure that all related documents are ready, endorsed and photocopied if necessary. When you meet the Penolong Pendaftar for your area, insya Allah he will cooperate better if you give him all the things he needs. After all, in our religion, marriage is a noble thing to do,so why make it so difficult?

At first i thought that the “Kebenaran Berkahwin” document would be a formal letter, with the typical letterhead and such. But, it was just a simple endorsement stamp on the application form, and a fee of RM25, and a receipt. Get your man to acknowledge the receipt (and pay..heheh), then you can head straight to your jurunikah’s office.


Once you get the permission from the state religious office, JAWI, in my case, submit all the related documents to your jurunikah, and he will take it from there. He will be arranging for a briefing session with the bride,groom, wali (bride’s father) and saksi (witness), few days before the real event, just to make sure everyone knows their role.Then, pray that everything will go smoothly when the big day comes 🙂

Our solemnization venue would be at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, Jalan Duta, insya Allah. So we managed to drop by, meet the jurunikah, survey the area to do the ceremony and clarify things with him. One teeny weeny not good thing is that during our preferred date, there will be an electrical maintenance at the Dewan Akad Nikah. So, we have decided to do it at the Dewan Solat, but we picked the open air area, instead of the closed one. It’s a bit different, and different is what we love.


I can settle down a bit, now that its all done. What is left is the reception preparation, which also requires careful planning, coz heck, you dont wanna waste paying for a nice place if its not going to be beautiful isn’t it?

I love being my own wedding planner. You should do it too 🙂


7 thoughts on “Ooo emak saya mau kawen (part 4)

  1. I was my own wedding planner to. In fact while doing all these, I got excited and planned to do this as a business one day 😀


    When you are on your own, it will be a bit messy DURING the day itself cause you are the boss but you can’t be ordering and yelling at that day as you are supposed to be on pelamin or nikah’s bantal sopan-ly.

    So, make sure you have somebody else who knows everything to assist you all out (not your hubby though). All the plans. Timetable. Guest list. Agenda. Food. Clothes. Bridesmaid. Flower girls. Audio. Everything. Make sure that the particular person knows exactly what you know and want. Not less not more.

    I had some situation on my day because I didn’t make sure I had another ME to handle everything and that caused me to keep talking on pelamin HAHA 😀

    Where is the reception anyway? Wish you all the best and much fun sis! I am sure it will be beautiful.

  2. Yan, thanks for sharing. Yeah, i keep reminding myself that during the day, i have to sit still and smile, and cannot be running around anymore. so i will have to find someone untuk ganti myself during that day. heheh…

    Reception will be at Parkroyal KL. Tu yang pening tu..huhu…

    Thanks for your well wishes 🙂 hopefully all goes well..heheh..

  3. i lurveeee weddings! heheheh.
    jus took a day off from ofis gak aritu.. setelkan hiv test and registration dekat pej agama kuantan. 😀
    i guess i’m jus gonna b grateful my dad is gonna take care of everything with JAIS people… 🙂 heheheh…

  4. anis, yeah, i so love it too. everything beautiful aje..

    oh ye, you’re marrying kuantan guy so kene register dia dulu eh..gud2..kuantan seminggu siap..

    lucky you have your parents around to lend a hand 🙂

  5. Yunnie,
    pastikan wedding anda menyediakan sesi karoke dan juga koleksi lagu2 rock kapak, heeeeeeeeeee

    taniah dan smoga bunting pelamin – sekian komen membina daripada saya, nges ngesssssssss

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