Finding an inspiration…

Since the first day we decided to wed i actually have set my mind that my colour pallette would be something classical and does not fade in time. My mum has given me hints that she likes the colour gold, and after giving it a thought i figured that it was not bad at all. Instead of making it gold and yellow, like my mum preferred (which i personally think that its too strong), i am going with gold and cream/ivory. So far i have managed to make things as close to the pallette as possible, but now i am a bit unsure about the “stronger” colour. There would be some hints of  Brown in my pallette, because the dais/pelamin would be of a wood tone. And, i have incorporated the colour into the family theme. But, i am yet to decide on the flowers.

I have been googling my colour pallette a lot lately, and thank God for the Internet, there are quite useful sites that is helping me with it. Besides Martha Stewart Weddings (thanks to Anis who triggered my mind to surf that site), i have found this blog -> The Perfect Pallette 

There is a lot of inspiration boards created by the writer, and of course, a lot of choices for my pallette. This would be very helpful for me to make up my mind! Yeay!

Pink, Champagne and Gold

Fuchsia and Latte (but i think Gold will go well too,no?)fuschialattechampagne

Red and Gold

Brown, Ivory and Gold

Burgundy and Gold

Burnt Orange and Gold

And here are some boards for Green, which would be the pallette for Emri’s reception.

Green, Black and White

Light Green and Lavender

As for the hantaran for my side, the colour pallette will be Red,White and Silver.So does the Solemnization Ceremony. As usual, i always love classic colours 🙂 No need inspirations for this one, i already made up my mind. Hehe.

More colour pallettes for your own inspirations on the blog. Have fun! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Finding an inspiration…

  1. oh babe, i love the pink, gold and champagne combo…for emri side, the light green and lavender is superb….ahhh, bestnyer planning wedding, sumpah aku suka…just part marriage tu reluctant sikit ngahaha…commitment issue

    nway, so happy for u…wish i could be there =(

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