The Weddinvitation


The day is crawling in, and i’m running out of my bachelor time. So, what lies beyond bachelor life?

To all family and friends, you are invited to share our grateful and proudest moment of our companionship, The Wedding of Emri & Ayuni. The ceremonial events will be held in 3 days in a row starting with The Solemnization (Akad & nikah) on 17 April 2009, the bride’s reception (Majlis Bersanding) on 18 April 2009 and the groom’s reception (Majlis Bertandang) on 19 April 2009.We will also be having another reception (Majlis Kesyukuran) on 25 April 2009, at Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Invitation cards already flew out. To all our family members, schoolmates, colleagues, and friends yet to get the card, we didn’t forget you.. At least not intentionally.. So hit us a message and let us know!

Emri & Ayuni


10 thoughts on “The Weddinvitation

  1. intanfareha

    owh beb..really wish aku could be there on ur big day!
    anyway aku wish you and emry health, happiness and diberkati Allah sepanjang hayat amin…

    1. shanana : thax beb 🙂

      intanfareha : thanks dear..come back soon~ cant wait to see you all yang masih berkelana nih..heheh

      lely yang baik ati : lely mung balik msia doh ke?? duk mana skang? dtg a majlis KB. bagi email aku nak hantar digital card!

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