Living a new life.

Majlis Pernikahan 17 Apr 09 @ Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, Jln Duta (credits to ShasmaNizam & team, The Photographer)

Hey hey i am back.

Actually i was back from the holidays for quite some time already, but time does not seem to allow me to make an update.

So Alhamdulillah, everything is now done and settled. All 4 events went well and according to plan, and now we are moving on with our new life as husband and wife.

To be honest, it is still surreal to both of us, the fact that we are both married to each other. To find my husband sleeping beside me when i opened my eyes, and to kiss his hands when saying goodbye, is a wonderful feeling, but surreal. We are both grateful we are married, but it seems like just yesterday we first laid eyes upon each other.

Now that all the wedding tsunami is settling down, i find myself occupying myself with a new activity:


The house is like a train wreck these days, full with cartons and cardboards and boxes of gifts and stuffs from the wedding events. Not that i am not thankful for the gifts (Thank You everyone!), its just when i take out the items it left me pondering on where to dump the packaging.

Hubby is not around everyday to help me with the mess (we are still weekend couples for the time being, as hubby has to work), so its me doing most of the job for the time being. Takpe,sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit. I am going slow and steady, while bracing myself to withhold the messiness.

All the gifts that we received was wonderful, especially from old friends from school and Mira. Thanks so much you guys for the IKEA vouchers, you really made my day. So me and hubby was down at IKEA last weekend for our shopping spree, and we managed to get a queen bed frame from there. Besides that i grabbed a couple of shelves, NORESUND bedside table and a MALM drawer chest. And lots and lots of kitchen accessories, plus a complete quilt set and storage items. Heeee 🙂

I know hubby must have been very headachy to layan my shopping frenzy, but thank you for hanging in there dear :* There is another item that we both wish that we could have, but due to logistical issues, we have to hold on first. Haih, kenapala duk jauh2…tak dapek la nak merasa PAX wardrobe yang sgt cool itu.

Next step is to rearrange some furnitures in the house, and the bedroom especially, to make room for hubby. Dulu used to live alone so bolehla conquer semua, sekarang kenalah share pulak. Hehe.

Good thing that tomorrow is a public holiday, so i have a whole day to myself. Yeay.


4 thoughts on “Living a new life.

  1. congratulations! it’s quite the adventure, marriage.. a wonderful one 🙂 You both look gorgeous! Here’s wishing you a life time of blessed togetherness 🙂

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