1) Congratulations to Hafiz for winning Akademi Fantasia season 7. Honestly, contestant wise = boring. Cikgu wise = OK la. I can see the determination in Tiara, but sorry to say that 10 weeks was not really enough dear.Yazid really ruined Kasidah Cinta by broadway-ing the song. Eddie Hashim bengang kot. Isma pun kureng bagi saya..and please, i dont want to mention Akim and Aril. Out of all to me, Hafiz paling OK kot. So i think he deserves it.His rendition of I Believe I Can Fly was not bad at all. I kind of like Malaysians who can sing English and Malay songs well. Barulah well-rounded eh?

2) I just got my period today. One day late actually, which left me and hubby wondering whether something is happening in my tummy. Seriously i have thoughts of getting a test kit, but we were just overreacting eh? Baru sehari lambat..hihihi. Kalau seminggu lambat different story la.I tried googling our “dilemma”, and i found out that a girl’s menstrual cycle have the possibility of being “interrupted” when she starts being sexually active. That explains a lot 😛

3) We have a bundle of invitations for weddings, and an engagement on 30-31st May and 6-7 June. Oh well i guess everyone does, since its the “peak season”. Honestly we wish we could make it to all reception, but it seems like we have to arrange our time accordingly.We are happy for each and everyone of them, and wish that they will be as happy as we do now 🙂

4) Work wise, i am starting to find lots of b*llsh** lately, especially when it comes to upper management and office politics. I am not going to talk about it, coz it will require another post. But in a nutshell, i am afraid that i will get tired of “going against the current”. I wonder where has the motivated fresh graduate attitude gone? Ugh!! Somebody rescue me.

5) I need to start exercising again. Dah lama kot tak exercise..i feel all the fat snugging in my body. Maybe its just a state of mind, but breaking a sweat really feels good y’know.So maybe i should head to the jog park again later.

”Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” ~Chinese Proverbs


3 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. hahaha. itula psal… dingdong~ mesti bile timing jerk ko cam cuak2 kan… hahhahaha. tunggu aku~ lepas ni leh compare calendar n if we r lucky our next project could be “expecting baby preps!” hikhikhikhik

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