Shoot and become immortal

… or so people said. Preserving the moments and immortalize it is among the main reason people use their camera for. And for that reason, i got my own digital camera not long after started working, the Canon S5IS. This replaced what i used before, the handed down, antique brick, Canon A300 which is still alive and still shooting.

During its golden years, this A300 used to be the official family camera which replaced the Canon Zoom 70W film camera which slipped my hand and drown in Endau Rompin. Almost risk myself to jump into the river if i wasn’t stopped by others. The A300 shoots until its sensor blackout after about 2 years of use and left collecting dust for a year. When I just started working in Subang, I got a hunch to send it for fix at Canon HQ, and blown away by their reply…. They’ll fix it for free even after its warranty was long gone! And voila, i got my first camera since the job of family shoot was taken over by then Konica Minolta E500. Even Bapak still shoot with his Nikon F60 film SLR though now he relies more on his tiny Nikon S52 digital camera (the F60 actually replaced our family first official camera, Pentax SLR ME Super, as far as i remember) .

Then came along our wedding, and following the tradition, here it is our (first) official family camera, which also graced one of the Hantaran tray, the Pentax DSLR K200D..
..flanked by fully retired ME Super at the back and S5IS on the right. On the day before we left for honeymoon, i managed to grab a used but as good as new, Pentax fisheye zoom which is one of its kind in the land of DSLR/SLR.
All the time we’re in Redang, this lens was mounted 90% of the time. And that’s how i got this fishy pics..
Along with the K200D, I also brought the now seasoned E500 which i’ve gave a new life as underwater camera. Too many pics from the honeymoon trip to be posted here but sure many have seen it in our Facebook galleries.

And finally, we would like to thank Chef Woo from Laguna Redang for the warm welcome and complimentary sweet treat (heavenly cheese cake for the newly wed..ehehe) and for showing us the shark point (yess, i shot the shark!)
Definitely Laguna Redang worth all the time i spent on searching the perfect place for our honeymoon and this won’t the last time there, that’s for sure! May be a diving trip next time..;)


p/s: this entry is also a tribute to the new member of long running family of Pentax, the K-7 which about to debut today =)


17 thoughts on “Shoot and become immortal

  1. erinchunk

    ceh.siot je emri (ok sebenarnya nak tuju kat ayun)..menjealouskan aku.huuuuu (T_T) tapi takpe..i will join u guys later.hehe.

    *ayun : you never get the chance to introduce emri to us,ttdian ehhh!! 😛

  2. haha erin..betul gak tu..tak penah jumpa lagi ngan y’all eh..macam tu kena la buat gathering skali bila aku turun kl nnti..insya allah aku usahakan 🙂

  3. oooh aahhh oooohhh…

    ecstatic nengok kamera(s)!

    i count, nikon, pentax, canon, konica minolta….wat a family of cameras!!!

    oooh aahhh ooooohhh! 😀

  4. nYa

    heh terkejut aku igtkan ko yg ckp2 psl camera ni yuni.
    rupe2nye emri..baru prasan.huhu..
    nyway nice pics! bikin ku jeles!

  5. kuemri

    hi xazaru.. all those point n shoot cameras are..well.. point n shoot affair. the rest of my family stick to nikon n pentax for slr :p

    nya.. eh, yuni ada camera tau.. hari tu dia tunjuk kamera dia.. olympus film yg dia pakai kat utp tu.. heheh.

  6. salam,

    dear kuemri n yunayuni,

    nice pics u guys got with there with that pentax fish-eye. nice to see fellow photographer works!

    im new to photography, been started off as a humble point-n-shoot, to dslr to handphone and now venturing into film photography.

    residing in kuantan now and been active with fellow MTBE photo club. i took yunayuni pic before, with that gebeng futsal groupie

    imho, photography is not the about the tools, its how it been used and the story it tells 🙂

    so keep on shooting…immortalize the memories!

  7. kuemri

    true.. tools are only as good as the master who use it..

    are u sure u’re new xazaru? i think i smelled D700 in your blog.. heheh

  8. Joseph

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