Oh look, i have a new blog.

Another weekend is coming, and i do notice that i have a habitual update on Fridays.Well maybe its because its a good day to blog, coz usually my attention to work will lessen,thus enabling my mind to focus on blogging instead (mampus kalau bos baca nih..huhu).

Nothing much to update, except for my excitement on attending many weddings this weekend. All in all we have 5 invitations, but due to time constraints, we can only make it to 3. This is our first time attending weddings as husband and wife, so bolehla bayangkan perasaan pengantin tu camane kan?hihi..And i am planning to take lots of pictures so that i can share the experience in…..

….my new blog 🙂

header kecik

I plan to start blogging more seriously on this one. But no worries, i am still keeping My Confessionals as a more personal blog, for me and hubby.

The reason why i started Beautiful & Bright is because i have a lot to share about weddings and cookings, especially.After going through the planning for my own wedding,i came to realize that i am actually interested in the industry. I did not blog much about my own wedding affairs (coz i was too busy ;P), but now i think i am ready to share the experience and offer some opinions that might be useful for the next brides.

As for the cooking part, i think as of now all of you know that i am into it and i just love experimenting in the kitchen. Crafting has been one of my interests since i was a child,but ironically since i grew up i never really spend time doing it. During my wedding i started exploring crafts as well, so now i think i should start again.

So my dear readers, do drop by when you have time and check out my entries in Beautiful & Bright. I hope you can find it useful, if you need information for your own weddings,cookings and crafting endeavours.


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